Shattered Kingdom Art Contest

Shattered Kingdom Art Contest

The Shattered Kingdom Art Contest is for artists of all merits to draw (paint, digital art, collage, photograph, adapted pages from coloring books etc.) their favorite character or scene from the Shattered Kingdom series. The contest will be open for six weeks (May 1st to June 12th 2021) and will have three winners.

All entries will, with the artists’ consent, also be showcased on All showcased artwork will be displayed alongside with the artist’s credits.

What you can win:

  1. 100$ Amazon voucher, and the possibility of up to 5 commissioned art pieces
  2. 50$ Amazon voucher
  3. 50$ Amazon voucher
  4. 5 random participants will be chosen to receive ebook copies of all 4 available books in the Shattered Kingdom series.

How to enter:

Starting May 1st, email your entry to artcontest (at), along with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest profile or Deviant Art profile (at least one of them so I can tag you as the artist when I share the pieces on social media for voting)
  • Title of work (optional)
  • Method used (optional)
  • Can we display this entry on and across social media platforms? (this is required for a chance to win second or third place prize)

Follow Angelina J. Steffort on (at least one)

How the winners will be chosen:

  • The first place will be chose by Angelina J. Steffort
  • The second and third place will be chosen by following criteria
    • likeness to the story
    • most likes across Social Media platforms
  • The voting on social media will be open after the contest closes on June 12th 2021 until July 30th 2021
  • ebook winners will be chosen randomly among all participants

Winners will be announced on July 31st 2021 (release of Lost Towers, book 4 in the Shattered Kingdom series).

This contest is open internationally, and there are no restrictions on who can enter. Each participant can send up to three entries. The Shattered Kingdoms series is available on Amazon in ebook or paperback along with on kindle unlimited,

Questions/concerns? Send them to artcontest (at)