The Wings Trilogy: Adam: Complete Series Edition

Experience Angelina J. Steffort’s bestselling Wings Trilogy from Adam’s point of view in a Complete Series Edition, including Spark, Fire, and Ashes.

When head-driven Med student Adam has a vision of Claire, he doesn’t yet understand the dimensions by which his life is about to change.

His new ability to sense people’s feelings is only the beginning of the roller coaster of supernatural he is thrown onto as he sets out to find Claire. There is an unknown heritage slumbering within him, waiting to be unleashed.

And his love for her puts them both in danger. If only he had the strength to let her go…

After the success of the original Wings Trilogy, Adam’s version of the bestselling young adult paranormal romance series, will send you on a dark adventure of love, loss and the necessary choice between what is right and what is easy.