Two Worlds of Provenance

“Two Worlds is The Mortal Instruments meets Narnia.” –Amazon reader

“Remember that dagger I gave you yesterday?”

How could she forget the dagger—a token of her missing mother? Had it only been yesterday?

It felt as if the whole world had changed overnight. As a matter of fact, it hadn’t. But instead of one world, now there were two.

When sixteen-year-old Maray Johnson explores her new neighborhood, she hardly expects to see a medieval sword fight—especially not one that leaves her first responder to a severely injured boy, who despite all bone-deep wounds, has the nerve to kidnap her into an alternate dimension.

This is Maray’s first trip to Allinan, a world with a falling apart monarchy. It is also how she meets Jemin Boyd, a guard of dimensions, who patrols the borders between the worlds, and seems to have a particular issue with the way Maray looks.

Who is she, and why does everyone she meets look at her with either adoration or hatred? With each new discovery, Maray is left to wonder if she will ever get back home from Allinan. She only hopes that Jemin can help her uncover the truth, before the fates of two worlds are sealed…