Two Worlds of Redemption

Finally presented to the Allinan public, Maray’s life at court soon becomes dictated by traditions and duties. Wearing the face of the iconic queen, she is too easily recognized, and as a princess, the entire Allinan court is watching her every move.
When even with Rhia locked up in the dungeons, the attacks on Maray’s loved ones continue, she learns that Rhia’s plan runs much deeper, and the more Maray knows the more the fear for her life and for all of Allinan blazes—for the forces seeking power are way beyond anything she could have imagined.

Two Worlds of Redemption is the third installment in Angelina J. Steffort’s Two Worlds, and continues the fantasy saga, following young Maray’s story as she learns just how deep intrigue and betrayal run in magical Allinan.

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