Two Worlds 1

Blood of Two Worlds 

Her fate lies just beyond the mist…

A walk through the neighborhood is all sixteen-year-old Maray had in mind. But she is ripped from her life by mysterious, powerful Jemin, who looks at her like he is about to either kiss her or kill her—both of which Maray is so not okay with.

As he takes her through a portal to Allinan, a world that should mean more to Maray than she is aware of, she must find allies to protect herself from the intrigues and secrets lurking between shining armor, magic, and blood-lusting monsters. Secrets that evolve around the fact that she is the doppelgänger of the Queen of Allinan. A queen who would sacrifice anything to stay in power—even her own family.

As Maray embarks on a journey to unweave the mysteries that tie her to this magical world, she must rely on Jemin’s reluctant aid or risk never finding her way home.

Two Worlds is bestselling author Angelina J. Steffort’s young adult portal fantasy about forbidden love, loss, and court intrigue that keeps the reader on edge with its fast paced, action packed style.

“Two Worlds is The Mortal Instruments meets Narnia.” (–Amazon reader)

Editorial Reviews:

“In five words: the epitome of YA fantasy. Steffort’s Two Worlds of Provenance and Two Worlds of Oblivion contain all of the elements necessary towards creating a thoughtful, engaging, thrilling fantastical read for teenagers (according to Writer’s Edit) and even more. … This series is definitely on my reread list, and I look forward to the next book!”

–It’s a Novel Life Blog

“The entire Two Worlds series is a canvas of colors that nobody has ever seen before. There are multiple occasions of complex characters, oddly-placed themes, and perplexing plot twists. This is a magnificently crafted YA fantasy that only Steffort could have written.”

–It’s a Novel Life Blog

“Steffort (The Wings Trilogy, 2019, etc.) brings narrative sleekness to her latest YA fantasy, balancing romance, humor, and unique takes on familiar monsters… The true star of the novel is its elegant structure, which delivers twists with organic regularity. Sweetness and the promise of new love flourishing characterize the finale, leaving Steffort fertile ground on which to build a sequel. A smoothly executed fantasy that feels buoyant even while exploring themes of abandonment and redemption.” (Full Review

–Kirkus Reviews

“it’s true: I simply adore Steffort’s world-building — it’s “out of this world.””

–It’s a Novel Life Blog

We found Steffort’s approach to this genre wildly unique and fresh, her characters were detailed and in-depth and there was something undeniably addictive about this story.

–Dancing Bear Books

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