Breath of Fate 1


Some souls go to heaven, some go to hell. I never thought I would be the one to take them.

When seventeen-year-old Laney Dawson’s grandmother dies, the supernatural world she spent her life refusing… turns out to be terrifyingly real. And now it’s after her.

Once she’s manifested as a Lightbringer, she’s commanded to serve her true purpose: taking souls to heaven, and making sure they get there safely.

But that makes the inexperienced high school senior a target, for an ambitious Shadowbringer who wants her soul as a trophy. Seems the afterlife is anything but simple, and there are some creatures out there willing to bargain for souls, even after we die.

Good that Laney has a loyal friend at her side to protect her; but how much is she willing to risk to secure her new role? If her soul is taken, she’d become an empty human shell, pained by a void that could never be filled. And it’s a fate she may have to accept, to protect those she loves.

Love and death collide in this thrilling new supernatural YA fantasy, where death is only the beginning, and a hidden world decides our eternal fate.

If you love Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and Fallen by Lauren Kate this series is for you…

Torn is the first book in bestselling author Angelina J. Steffort’s Breath of Fate series, a young adult paranormal romance about a girl caught between the allure of darkness and light

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