Never ever give up . . .

When I started writing The Wings Trilogy in 2010 (yes, it is that long ago 😳), I was intending to write high fantasy. The first sixteen pages of my high fantasy story are somewhere in the archives of my computer, biding their time to be unearthed and finalized…but not until The Wings Trilogy is done and ready. It really took me by surprise when the isea for White came to my mind, and it took a lot of effort to let it happen. OriginallyI was  planning to somehow fit the last key-scene (those of you who read Whit know what I am talking about, and those of you who haven’t – well, that’s another reason to read the book) into the high fantasy environment. Honestly, it wouldn’t have worked half as well im the other story and I would have had to reshape the purpose of the whole book. So I gave up on high fantasy – temporarily – and ended up writing YA fantasy romance instead. 😍  

I don’t see it as giving up, though. I simply let go of one idea to embrace a dream . . .img_1235

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