The Quarter MAge 4

The EveR MAge 

When fate beckons, will you dare to listen?

Fairy bargains should have been familiar for Sanja by now. But even with Eherea’s best interests at heart, she can hardly come to terms with the deal she struck with the Crow King. Leaving her mate behind was supposed to protect him, but the Crow King’s cruelty knows no bounds.

With every new day Sanja spends at the Crow palace, she discovers how dark a place her new home truly is. Among the Crows, malice and brutality thrive, and Sanja soon finds herself face to face with the hardest decision of her life: Refuse the Crow King and risk retaliation by the ancient magic of fairy bargains, or endure to save her family and her people.

If they don’t figure out a way to defeat the Crow King’s new army, even her sacrifice will not be enough to save them.


The Ever Mage is book four in The Quarter Mage and concludes Angelina J. Steffort’s award-winning romantic fantasy series.

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