The Quarter Mage 3

The Never MAge 

WHEN you lose everything, how fast will you break?


Killing the Crow should have been Sanja’s death. Instead, she finds herself with the fairy king unwilling to heal her, and a palace full of gorgeous fairies swarming the halls she’s been walking in solitude for the past months.

As Sanja slips into her role as Recienne’s political guest, she is more in need of the support of her friends than ever before. Especially when the Crow Fairies have spies everywhere and Sanja’s loss of magic makes her an easy target.

But sitting by and watching Recienne juggle his responsibilities is not part of Sanja’s plans. Time is running out. Ret Relah is around the corner and the Crows are ready to seize power.

Sanja is prepared to fight with all she has—because there is one thing Sanja knows with full clarity: She cannot let anything happen to her new family, even if it means she may lose everything.

The Never Mage is the third book in Angelina J. Steffort’s award-winning The Quarter Mage series.


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