The Quarter MAge 2

The HOUR MAge 



After a neck-breaking escape from the fairylands, Sanja has just settled into her new life in Cezux when the consequences hit hard. She survived the fairy king, but to save Tristan and the Mages, she sacrificed what wasn’t hers to give.

She would have been fine biding her time in the shadows of the capital of her kingdom until the day she could take back her throne, even when guilt now dictates her days and fear her nights. At least they are all still alive and together. But the fragile balance is shattered when Cyrill shows what horrors he is truly capable of.

Then there is Prince Recienne, whose cryptic goodbye hasn’t helped Sanja sleep soundly either.

As mysteries unfold, political intrigue sweeps her into a web too powerful to fight—at least, not without an ally. Sanja must unlock a new sort of power. But for that, she’ll need to give up more than she is ready for.


The Hour Mage is the stunning and sexy sequel to Angelina J. Steffort’s award-winning The Quarter Mage.


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